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Luang Pu Thuat Old Version Thai Amulet

Luang Pu Thuat

Luang Pu Thuat also known as Luang Pu Thuad, Luang Por Tuad,

Luang Phu Tuad, and various other spellings.

This Luang Pu Thuat Old Version & Limited edition

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Luang Pu Thuat







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Luang Por Thuat is mentioned in the early regional histories of southern Thailand,

but his life is mainly preserved in oral traditions.
Stories of the famous monk were passed on by word of mouth for centuries.
As a result, it is a mixture of Buddhist elements: early signs, alleged magic, travel, study,

meditation and eventual “sainthood.”

Luang Por Thuat-His movements throughout the southern Thailand peninsula constitute a path of pilgrimage for many of his followers.

Luang Por Thuat hold great protective powers granting safety in times of distress, especially saving the lives of believers from seemingly fatal automobile accidents.

Phra Archan Tim Dharmataro
abbot of Wat Chang Hai is the pioneer creator of Phra Luang Phor Thuad amulets.


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