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Man makes stilt house out of 200 kg of medicinal mushrooms

Man makes stilt house out of 200 kg of medicinal mushrooms

A villager in Quang Nam Province uses the agricultural pride of his locality to adorn the three-meter structure

Luong Tan Oanh has built a stilt house covered in local varieties of mushrooms at his home in central Quang Nam Province. It is 2.9 meters long, 3 m tall and 1.5 m wide took seven people 10 days to make.

Called green limestone mushroom in Vietnam, the species is used in traditional Asian medicine and boasts anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and other benefits.

The house frame is made of iron and has a layer of plywood atop, and the mushrooms are nailed on it.

“I chose the stilt house style because the mushrooms grow on the mountains,” the owner of the work said, referring to the fact highlands people often live in stilt houses.

To build the structure, the team needed 200 kg of green limestone mushrooms and a few other species. They grow on the trunks and the roots of living or dead ironwood trees. Quang Nam people collect and use them.

After removing their stalks, the team proceeded to sort the fungi by size.

Then they installed them on the frame of the house using a nail gun. According to Oanh, the mushrooms and the construction materials including the aluminium frame and plywood cost VND400 million ($17,300).

Medicinal Mushrooms

Affixing the mushrooms required one person to hold them and another to use a nail gun. On all the walls, the mushrooms are arranged so that one faces inward and the next outward to create a yin-yang pattern. The roof covered in large mushrooms looks like a dragon’s scales.

The two main doors are decorated with red mushrooms. “I made a mushroom house to promote the local green limestone mushroom, which is a medicinal species that is very good for health,” Oanh said.

He added that after being exhibited it at a park fair Saturday in Da Nang, the house would be displayed at his company in Tam Ky City in Quang Nam.

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