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Necklaces For 4pcs Thai Amulets-Custom made


Necklaces For 4pcs Thai Amulets made by  blackWood beads with Gold-plated beads and hook

Necklaces For 4pcs

Necklaces For 4pcs Thai Amulets


DIY   Necklacℯs For Thai Amulets

Thailand amulets Necklace

SELLER FROM : Thailand

Direct from Thailand by posting


Most necklacℯs are for decoration, while amulets will generally affect the user in some way.

Amulets & necklacℯs are similar to rings in that some of them have a magical effect upon the wearer,

but others are merely for decoration



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Historical about Necklacℯs

Prehistoric peoples often used natural materials such as feathers, bone, shells,
and plant materials to create necklacℯs, but by the Bronze Age metallic jewelry had replaced pre-metallic adornments.
Necklacℯs were first depicted in the statuary and art of the Ancient Near East,
and early necklacℯs made of precious metals with inset stones were created in Europe.

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