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Panther Statues -Premium Brass Panther leopard


Premium Brass Panther leopard

Panther Statues-This 100% Real Bronze Modern Brass Panther Sculptures”Leopard Bronze Statue” For Home Decoration,

Combining Premium Quality Materials With Unique High-Style Designed To Inspire.

Rustic Bronze Finish and with it people believe will bring good luck to collector.


Premium Brass Panther leopard

Good preowned condition.







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Panther Statues

This Black panther made by solid black wood

Panther Statues

A statue is a sculpture, representing one or more people or animals (including abstract concepts allegorically represented as people or animals), free-standing as opposed to a relief) and normally full-length and at least close to life-size, or larger.

A small statue, usually small enough to be picked up, is called a statuette or figurine, while one that is more than twice life-size is called a colossal statue.

Ancient statues often survive showing the bare surface of the material of which they are made.
For example, many people associate Greek classical art with white marble sculpture, but there is evidence that many statues were painted in bright colors.
Most of the color was weathered off over time; small remnants were removed during cleaning; in some cases small traces remained which could be identified.
A travelling exhibition of 20 coloured replicas of Greek and Roman works, alongside 35 original statues and reliefs, was held in Europe and the United States in 2008: Gods in Color: Painted Sculpture of Classical Antiquity.





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