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Top three Saigon dishes that sizzle in a pan

Top three Saigon dishes that sizzle in a pan

At least three Vietnamese versions of sizzlers served in frying pans are very popular and easy to find in Saigon

Banh mi chao (Bread with combo pan)

This is a hot alternative to stuffed baguettes. Bread is served in a frying pan with egg, pate and sausage. But this is just the basic version. A wide variety of “fillings” are available for hungry diners to choose from.

This dish is usually served right after it is cooked. Typically, a mixture of chilli sauce and soy sauce are added to the dish before it is eaten. The egg yolk combined with seasoning makes for a greasy, tasty sauce that a piece of crispy bread is dipped into. If you aren’t yet used to eggs over easy, the restaurant will accommodate you with a version more to your liking.

Popular for more than 50 years, the Hoa Ma eatery retains its humble size and character, opening only in the mornings. Apart from its regular customers, both Vietnamese and foreign tourists patronize this place.

You can order a serving of omellete and ham, or a combo, and have it with pepper, soy sauce, and chilli sauce. People sit on plastic chairs in a small alley to enjoy this dish.

Price: VND40,000/serving ($1.7)

Address: An eatery called Dang Tran Con (District 1) or Co Le (District 3)

Hau ne (Ne Oysters)

Oyster is a popular dish and Ne Oyster is the alternative version that has become all the rage over the last few years. Fatty oysters smothered in a sweet and sour sauce, cheese and eggs. Difficult to resist this temptation.

In contrast to the readymade bread with combo pan, you can make this dish with ingredients that you choose. When the sauce in the pan is cooked till the grease separates, the dish is ready for consumption. This dish is also best had hot, as the oyster is covered with soft cheese. Baguettes can be ordered on the side and the whole dish used as a dip.

Price: VND85,000/serving of grilled oysters with cheese ($3.64)

Address: Nguyen Tri Phuong Street (District 10) or Le Van Sy Street (District 3)

Bit tet (Steak and Eggs)

Bit tet is also known as Bo ne in southern Vietnam. Soft beef slices frying in the pan exudes a fragrance and sizzling sound that is difficult to resist.

Just one piece of beef won’t be enough when you have this dish. The beef is most delicious when it is medium cooked and pink. The dish will taste even better with extra omellete, shumai or sausage. It is advisable to order extra bread to dip in the sauce.

Price: VND70,000/serving ($3.00)

Address: Bit tet Hoa Qua Son, Bit tet Nam Son, Huynh Gia. Several restaurants are open 24 hours so you can go there anytime you feel hungry.

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