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Traditional Singaporean Dishes You Need to Try

The best way to learn about Singapore’s culture? Be adventurous. With a vibrant mix of cultures and heritage backgrounds, travelers are always in for a treat when exploring Singapore’s local food. Not sure where to start?

Check out our guide on the 10 best traditional dishes you have to try on your next visit

Nasi Lemak

A local favorite, Nasi Lemak has become a daily staple that can be eaten any time during the day. There is something comforting about the dish – warm, fluffy coconut rice is served with fried fish (or chicken), eggs, anchovies, fresh cucumber slices and finished with a douse of sweet and spicy chili sambal.

Nonya Kueh

A tribute to Singapore’s rich Peranakan culture, Nonya Kueh consists of both savory and sweet snacks with recipes that date all the way back to its origins in Malacca. Get your dose of snacks like kueh salat, kueh kochi, ang ku kueh and kueh bingka at niche stores like Bengawan Solo or Chinta Manis.


A bowl of laksa might seem intimidating; its bright, amber-hued gravy might scare you into thinking it is spicy, but the popular dish is far from spicy. Dig deeper and you will find delicate strings of rice vermicelli noodles sitting amongst cockles, prawns, fishcakes and dried shrimp in a bowl of rich coconut gravy. Local hawkers tend to create different variations of this dish, some with more dried shrimp in its gravy and others opting for abalone as a highlight.

Putu Piring

Yet another traditional Malay dessert, finding a stall in Singapore selling these steamed cakes can prove to be quite challenging. Why are they so popular? These steamed cakes are filled with generous amounts of Gula Melaka (or palm sugar) and served with grated coconuts. While this may sound similar to Kuih Lopes, it differs in looks and texture and requires a lot of skill and finesse to make. If you are looking for the best Putu Piring in Singapore, head down to Haig Road to try these delicious cakes, but be prepared to wait.

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