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Victor Niederhoffer-Financial Education Book(USED)

Education Book

Victor Niederhoffer-Financial Education Book(USED) for sale..

Niederhoffer is also the founder of the New York City (NYC) Junto,

a libertarian group hosted on the first Thursday of every month since 1985.


Victor Niederhoffer

Victor Niederhoffer

Victor Niederhoffer

This”The Education of a Speculator” is the first meaningful book on speculating.

Successful speculating is as fine an art as chess, fishing,checkers, poker, painting,tennis, and music.



(Niederhoffer)也是纽约市(纽约市)的创始人,自1985年以来,每个月的第一个星期四都是自由主义组织。「投机者教育」是第一本有意思的书,投机成功, 象棋,钓鱼,跳棋,扑克,绘画,网球和音乐。



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MORE Financial Education Book(USED)




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