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Business fervor taps World Cup fever in Vietnam

World Cup Business fervor taps World Cup fever in Vietnam

With VTV acquiring broadcasting rights in football crazy Vietnam, World Cup cheer has animated many businesses.

Business in all World Cup related products and services has been booming in the build up to the world’s biggest sporting event, which kicks off tomorrow in Russia.

Leading electronic retailers in Vietnam like Pico and  Dien May Xanh have reported a 30-45 percent spike in TV sales after the national television VTV obtained World Cup screening rights.

The renting of TVs and projectors has also spiked with many people choosing this way to enjoy the football World Cup this summer. Many TV rental services say they are overloaded. As of last weekend, some TV rental businesses stopped taking new orders.

“We’ve leased 300-400 TVs and projectors so far, which is double in comparison to our normal sales,” said Thai Trinh, a representative of a TV rental company.

Duc Long, a café owner, said he received many offers for leasing TVs every day. After careful consideration, he decided to rent two 70-inch TVs to serve his customers for this World Cup.

Leasing rates range from VND300,000-2.5 million ($13.13 – $109) a day, depending on the screen sizes.

World Cup Business

World Cup Business

Besides installing big screens, they have also put out new menus with discounted prices and other incentives. Many hotels, restaurants, bars and other eateries have rented TVs and projectors this summer, planning to turn their premises into football fan zones.

Some restaurants and beer bars have discounted their menu by 20 percent and are offering free beers based on the amount spent by customers.

Beer restaurant chain Vuvuzela has launched several offers, including “a beer barrel for an accurate score prediction”, “free prize draw for any bill above $13” and “buy six get three.”

The Long, a restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, is offering discounts to customers who wear World Cup jerseys.

The World Cup has also been a boost for the sportswear market. Many fans have bought football jerseys of their favorite team or player for themselves and for their loved ones, including pets. The prices range from $5.26 to $7 for a normal jersey and $2.40 for pets. They can be purchased online or at any sportswear store.

Dong Duong, a sports store owner in Hanoi, said: “National team jerseys have been selling like hot cakes this week, especially that of Brazil, Germany and Nigeria. These are all sold out. We have doubled our sales since VTV got the World Cup broadcasting rights.”

In souvenir and gift shops, the demand for stuffed figures of Zabivaka, the official mascot of World Cup, is high. “I’ve sold 500 of these mascot figures in just two weeks. Although you have to pay VND230,000 to 320,000 for one, this is already much cheaper than the authentic version in Russia,” said Thanh Hang, a souvenir shop owner on Hang Can Street.

Recently, a Hanoi artisan received 3,000 orders for handmade replicas of the real 18-carat gold World Cup trophy, which he sells for $3.50 each.

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