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Some Kinds of Wrasse Fish in an Aquarium

Wrasse Fish

Wrasses are beautiful fish which seem to be quickly forgotten when stocking a saltwater aquarium.

Here are outstanding photos, pictures and images of Wrasses, some of which you will seldom see in an aquarium.

Wrasse Fish

Juvenile Yellowtail Coris (Coris gaimard)

The Yellowtail Coris (Coris gaimard) is fairly common on reefs. It’s coloration changes greatly with age. This Wrasse attains a length of about 12 inches and can be found from Indonesia to southern Japan, Hawaii and the Tuamotus.

Tiny Yellowtail Coris juveniles typically do not fare well in captivity. It is not unusual for them to waste away and starve to death due to the lack of accepting food, and thus not taking in the high caloric diet they require to survive. It is best to obtain a sub-adult specimen of more than two inches in size, and one that is already eating well to help avoid problems with starvation.

Male Lined Coris (Coris ballieui)

Wrasse Fish

The Male Lined Coris (Coris ballieui) is endemic to Hawaii, is uncommon in deep water over rubble & sand and attains 12 inches in length.

Female Elegant Wrasse (Coris venusta)

The Elegant Wrasse (Coris venusta) is endemic to Hawaii and is common found on sandy reefs. Its color varies with age. It has dark blue spot on gill covers, edged with yellow with a round spot on posterior dorsal fin. It attains a length of 8 inches.

Juvenile Dragon Wrasse (Novaculichthys taeniourus)

The Dragon Wrasse (Novaculichthys taeniourus) is uncommon on coral rubble and rocky reefs. The juveniles vary in color and resemble drifting seaweed. This Wrasse spends its time turning stones in search of invertebrates. It can be found in the Indo-Pacific area, including Hawaii and the tropical Eastern Pacific. Adults can attain a length of up to 12 inches.

Pearl Wrasse (Anampses cuvier)

The Pearl Wrasse (Anampses cuvier) is endemic to Hawaii and uncommon in shallow water. It attains a length of 14 inches.

Four-lined Wrasse (Pseudocheilinus tetrataenia)

The Four-lined Wrasse (Pseudocheilinus tetrataenia) is a common but shy fish among Finger coral at scuba depths. It attains a length of about 2.5 inches and can be found in Hawaii, Minami-tori-shima, Micronesia, to New Caledonia & Pitcairn.

The Four-lined Wrasse Wrasse is a smaller species which does better in a less belligerent tank, but may act aggressively toward towards more peaceful wrasses and other small fish. Given the right cover, it will spend a lot of its time hiding and foraging for small snails, worms and crustaceans in live rock.

Thinking about adding a Wrasse to your tank?

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